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27 August, 2016

Catching up

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Attempting to get back into the swing of things – which hasn’t been as absent as it seems from the lack of posts. I have been slowly updating the button list as I’ve made more, and these have, at least, been steady (if slower than previously).

I am also adding a link for my Etsy where I am selling baby and kids shirts with hand-drawn images ironed on.
I am also planning to add some fun coloring pages as well.

I will also be adding links to my comics as I finally get them up and running on a steady basis again.

And then there are conventions. I have one that I will hopefully be attending in November. I’m just waiting on confirmation. Otherwise, I’m hoping to pick back up next year with a steady schedule.

Here’s to creative fun and positive experiences!


24 April, 2012

New year, New excitements

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Yes, a quarter through the year and I’m updating. Mind, I’m not usually big on posting actual news and information on here. I usually just add new characters to all of the necessary pages/lists and leave it at that. But I figured some events that have already happened this year are worth talking about… If nothing else, so I can go back and remember in the future.

This year started out with a few conventions, each with their reasons to be noted…. Actually, I should go back to the last of last years first: Dec 3, 2011 – One gloriously busy day at Towson University’s (Towson, MD) Tigercon. I’d already enjoyed this college’s convention two years prior. (They didn’t have one in 2010.) And this (past) year’s was even better, giving me the chance to meet many new new people and challenge myself to plenty of new commissioned characters. (This started the run of Homestuck requests. I should have learned from that. They will be added soon.)
But most notably, for the future of TSCB (“That’s So Cute” Buttons, for those keeping track), this was the first convention with my new official table mate and assistant Classicista. And I have to say I am VERY thankful for her help. She’s not only skilled on helping to organize the table and my button drawer references, but she can be a much needed taskmaster, helping to keep my mind on her nicely organized list of commissions. She also doesn’t mind doing an occasional food run. I definitely appreciate her presence and her help!

Turning to this year, I had a good two months of (poorly used) free time before Katsucon on February 18-20th. I still managed to add to my stock, including finally starting to bring prints again. (I’m slowly adding to that, selling them in postcard size.) The convention was definitely a lot of fun, and once again came with some fantastic commission challenges (for which I really need to start a gallery up!). But it was also the convention of friends. Aside from my now regular table company of the wonderful Classicista, I also got to sit my table next to my friends in Crimson Chimera. Phantom Blush wasn’t too far away. And I was surprised by just how many people I’d met at previous cons who remembered me. Definitely a lot of fun!

The next convention was just a few weeks following: March 3, Nipponcon at McDaniel College (West Minster, MD). This was a first time event for this college and while things hadn’t gone as smoothly as they’d hoped, over all, it wasn’t a bad experience. Those that did attend were quite enthusiastic. This included even some of the vendors. I will be hoping for a chance to see how they grow in the next few years.

And then this brings us to T-MODE, April 20-22 in Rockville, MD. Another smaller convention, but at 5 years, they’ve gotten themselves a decent reputation and a great future ahead of them. It helps that the staff has been fantastic all around. And personally also that quite a few friends attend as fell table dwellers. This includes: the fabulous Phantom Blush, the amazing and talented Geeks Next Door, the amazing cosplay ladies at Destiny’s Designs (who I met at this con last year), and the lovely people of Interrobang Studios.
Also, did I mention my daughter seems to have become something of a minor celebrity there? At least in the Matsuri game room where she has official be noted as their best customer. :)
This convention also featured a few new experiences this year, neither of which I am going to complain about. First, was the actual thrill of getting requests for characters to add to stock (Avatar: Legend of Korra: Korra, Mako and Bolin) and being able to draw them at the table, run home to resize and print, and come back within about two hours with these characters stocked and ready to sell. It was so exciting that I tried it again overnight, adding Big Macintosh to the My Little Pony stock. (Though I still need to add these 4 new characters to the actual button list. It’s been a busy weekend and follow up. :) )
The other experience was purely entertainment. We were packing up on the later end of things Saturday night when my table was approached by four attendees of the wedding reception that was going on in a room adjacent to the con’s section of the hotel. They were clearly drunk, some more than others. Mostly one pair (a man and a woman) were insistent on knowing what was going on at these things. So I’d explained what an Anime Con was.
They were fairly well fascinated, particularly by my sign saying I do anime-style portraits. Well, they insisted the man be drawn. Initially it was going to be my usual head/shoulders button, but they started asking for far more details and options and changing it. Eventually they’d settled instead on a full body sketch which included him displaying a show of manliness and holding a vodka glass (that had to be present.) They were even challenging me to complete the commission with my projected time frame: 10 minutes. (There was a promise of chocolate and the sketch free if I didn’t make it.) In the end, with 4 minutes to spare, I had a sketch of him grinning widely, pulling his button down open with one hand with the other flourished the aforementioned glass of alcohol, complete with lime. They were pleased. We were amused (especially since they’d been asking all kinds of questions about the nature of Japanese entertainment during this time, particularly the frequent presence of gay themes.)

Well, this has been long and babbly. Probably why I don’t make these posts very often. But to wrap this up, I will list what’s planned for the rest of this year:
Zenkaikon: May 11-12, Philadelphia Convention center
AnimeNext (waiting list) June, New Brunswick, NJ
Intervention: Sept. 22-23 Rockville, MD
AWA: Sept 28-30 Atlanta, GA
Tigercon: Dec 1 Towson, MD

17 November, 2011

Year of Insanity

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That’s what it feels like. I’ve done a lot of conventions this year and just tried a lot of new things in general, including a new comic, (Rival Hearts if you haven’t seen it yet.) And all this on top of keeping house, keeping my job, keeping my kid happy… (Okay, some of these I don’t do alone, but it’s still pretty crazy.)

But enough about my crazy life, I’m here to talk about con updates. Second to last convention this year, and I’ve actually added a lot of new characters. Also, starting earlier this year, I’d finally found a way to bring my entire stock to a convention without it taking up way too many cases for ideal organization. It feels pretty good!
On top of that, I am now branching out to being able to make the images into magnets too. I hope these work out. AUSA this weekend will be the tester.

Coming soon, I hope, will be a doodle blog. I have a lot of creative ideas I’ve been playing around with and I’ve been told they are worth sharing. Plus, I hope that seeing everything I’ve done will help encourage me to keep going. So yes, coming soon will be a “Doodle blog” of sorts. hopefully by the end of the year.


PS. To date, I have managed to collect about $150 in donations that have gone to Japan. Thanks, everyone!

21 March, 2011

Making Waves

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Okay… maybe that’s a bad title, but it kind of gets the point across? Thing is, there are changes going on. Well, for one, I should mention that there have been a few new series (some rather large) that have been added to the collection. (See The List and Current Stock.)

Also, I have done two conventions so far this year, Katsucon last month, and Zenkaikon this past weekend. I had a blast at both, met lots of new people and saw some familiar faces (both of which I will openly admit I love!) I’m looking forward to the next few busy weeks of conventions to come.
And look for even more characters to be added to the stock over the next few weeks.

But the biggest news is that Zenkaikon, this past weekend, held fund raising to help Japan in this extremely rough time. The artists were invited to help raise money, so I created three special images (look right) that I sold on large buttons, for $1 each (and key chains for $2).The ideas of the three images: “Thinking of Japan”, the “Hope Heart” (as the kanji within says “Hope”), and, yes.. I feel a little bad, but the sad, wounded Japan from the series Hetalia. Guess which was most popular… :)   ^

It went extremely well, and I’m very excited to say that just from sales of these buttons alone I added a grand total of $77.51 to the donation jar. For selling mostly $1 buttons and some additional from a few generous donaters, I was floored by how much I was able to bring to the staff table on Sunday.

Thank you everyone!

I fully intend to keep offering these buttons in trade for further donation to help Japan. After all, as one of the Zenkaikon staff members said, if it weren’t for Japan, we wouldn’t be having these conventions. Right? Exactly! So, if you happen to be traversing the same conventions I’m at, feel free to pick up a donation button.

In all, it’s been a fun bit of insanity to start, with quite a few more weeks ahead of fun. Hello to everyone that’s visiting after Katsucon and Zenkaikon! Thank you for helping make these events the fun kind of insane! :)

Time for me to prepare for the next one… as well as a special project that I will hopefully be able to talk about in a few weeks.


8 November, 2010

We are whole once more!

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Good evening, everyone! We are finally up and in full working order with the new design of the website. (and I owe a really huge Thank You once more to a friend of a friend whom I will give glowing credit for as soon as I remember to ask her how she wants to be mentioned on the site. 9_9;; I’m such a slacker, can you tell?

Anyway, now only are we now up, I’ve finally added to the stock (yes, finally) and am working on more. But for now, see under “Current stock” for the latest from Soul Eater! (It has eaten my soul… finally. *giggle*)

Also, for those of you with enough time to do last minute planning, or live locally enough, or are already planning on going, I will be at AnimeUSA in Alexandria, VA next weekend: Nov. 12-14.

See you there. ~ <3

17 August, 2010

Hello world!

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“That’sSo Cute” Buttons is currently in the process of redesigning to something evening cuter than before.

Please check back within the next few weeks for our usual selection and some new items and characters… and other fun.

Upcoming conventions:
Intervention – Sept. 10-12 2010 – Rockville, MD
Anime Weekend Atlanta – Sept. 17-19 – Atlanta, GA


PS. If you’ve not seen any of my work, take a look at my DA