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8 November, 2010

We are whole once more!

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Good evening, everyone! We are finally up and in full working order with the new design of the website. (and I owe a really huge Thank You once more to a friend of a friend whom I will give glowing credit for as soon as I remember to ask her how she wants to be mentioned on the site. 9_9;; I’m such a slacker, can you tell?

Anyway, now only are we now up, I’ve finally added to the stock (yes, finally) and am working on more. But for now, see under “Current stock” for the latest from Soul Eater! (It has eaten my soul… finally. *giggle*)

Also, for those of you with enough time to do last minute planning, or live locally enough, or are already planning on going, I will be at AnimeUSA in Alexandria, VA next weekend: Nov. 12-14.

See you there. ~ <3

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