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21 March, 2011

Making Waves

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Okay… maybe that’s a bad title, but it kind of gets the point across? Thing is, there are changes going on. Well, for one, I should mention that there have been a few new series (some rather large) that have been added to the collection. (See The List and Current Stock.)

Also, I have done two conventions so far this year, Katsucon last month, and Zenkaikon this past weekend. I had a blast at both, met lots of new people and saw some familiar faces (both of which I will openly admit I love!) I’m looking forward to the next few busy weeks of conventions to come.
And look for even more characters to be added to the stock over the next few weeks.

But the biggest news is that Zenkaikon, this past weekend, held fund raising to help Japan in this extremely rough time. The artists were invited to help raise money, so I created three special images (look right) that I sold on large buttons, for $1 each (and key chains for $2).The ideas of the three images: “Thinking of Japan”, the “Hope Heart” (as the kanji within says “Hope”), and, yes.. I feel a little bad, but the sad, wounded Japan from the series Hetalia. Guess which was most popular… :)   ^

It went extremely well, and I’m very excited to say that just from sales of these buttons alone I added a grand total of $77.51 to the donation jar. For selling mostly $1 buttons and some additional from a few generous donaters, I was floored by how much I was able to bring to the staff table on Sunday.

Thank you everyone!

I fully intend to keep offering these buttons in trade for further donation to help Japan. After all, as one of the Zenkaikon staff members said, if it weren’t for Japan, we wouldn’t be having these conventions. Right? Exactly! So, if you happen to be traversing the same conventions I’m at, feel free to pick up a donation button.

In all, it’s been a fun bit of insanity to start, with quite a few more weeks ahead of fun. Hello to everyone that’s visiting after Katsucon and Zenkaikon! Thank you for helping make these events the fun kind of insane! :)

Time for me to prepare for the next one… as well as a special project that I will hopefully be able to talk about in a few weeks.


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