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17 November, 2011

Year of Insanity

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That’s what it feels like. I’ve done a lot of conventions this year and just tried a lot of new things in general, including a new comic, (Rival Hearts if you haven’t seen it yet.) And all this on top of keeping house, keeping my job, keeping my kid happy… (Okay, some of these I don’t do alone, but it’s still pretty crazy.)

But enough about my crazy life, I’m here to talk about con updates. Second to last convention this year, and I’ve actually added a lot of new characters. Also, starting earlier this year, I’d finally found a way to bring my entire stock to a convention without it taking up way too many cases for ideal organization. It feels pretty good!
On top of that, I am now branching out to being able to make the images into magnets too. I hope these work out. AUSA this weekend will be the tester.

Coming soon, I hope, will be a doodle blog. I have a lot of creative ideas I’ve been playing around with and I’ve been told they are worth sharing. Plus, I hope that seeing everything I’ve done will help encourage me to keep going. So yes, coming soon will be a “Doodle blog” of sorts. hopefully by the end of the year.


PS. To date, I have managed to collect about $150 in donations that have gone to Japan. Thanks, everyone!

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